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Jungle BookRemember those times when you used to wait until Sunday to watch your favorite Disney show or the Jungle Book cartoon. And then came DD-2 and all children had to watch was two or three cartoon from 5pm till 6pm every week, which mostly comprised of the Ninja Turtles and action cartoons. Well not anymore! Kids today have an array of channels to choose from. And also a variety of programs from cartoon to kiddies show to shows where they teach you to paint and make stuff on your own at home! And to top it all now they even have famous movies like Harry Potter shown on channels like Pogo and that too dubbed in simple Hindi for the kids to understand better. Isn`t TV getting more and more personal?It is not for nothing that the kids channel space has become an increasingly competitive one. Market leader Cartoon Network and Pogo of the Turner Broadcasting Group two-three years ago had a virtual monopoly with as much as 80 per cent of the market share. Hungama TV and Disney that launched two years ago, created a churn. Then there was the process of consolidation with Disney buying out Hungama to increase its channel share. Though expensive, this has paid off. Turner`s Cartoon Network-Pogo has declined to 50.6 per cent while Disney is close behind at 39.14 per cent.UTV`s Bindass is also set to cater to the youth market and Sun TV has announced the launch of a 24-hour channel `Chutti TV`, targeting the children in the age group of two to 14 years that will have programmes designed to engage and stimulate the kids` imagination during their formative years. Things seem to be going well for the kid`s channels!Cartoon NetworkCartoon Network has been the leader in the children`s TV entertainment segment in Cartoon NetworkIndia. Cartoon Network was first launched in the US in October 1992. From Bugs Bunny to Ramayana, Cartoon Network is the ultimate destination for animation in India. Cartoon Network has been ranked the No. 2 channel after Star Plus among all national channels.Chutti TVChutti TVChutti TV, launched by
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